I’m Moving!

OK people. After awhile of taking the easy route and having everything all nice and simple here on the free WordPress, I am taking the plunge! I am now officially hosting my blog on an actual website. With a “real” website there are so many things you can customize and personalize, and you can have lots of fun sidebar widgets that are usually blocked around these parts and best of all, make some extra cash from having lovely sponsors post their ads on your page.


So what does it mean for you? Not too much! I will still be blogging away about product reviews, fashion, food, drinks, Boston, and all that good stuff.

You really won’t notice a difference. BUT I am not 100 % positive how to migrate over the WordPress followers. I THINK I was able to already set up all the email followers to get notifications about the new fresh content, but am looking into moving the other followers with me.

So with that said, please take a sec and sign up at my new site to subscribe by email if you want to guarantee we stay in touch and you continue to be a fan/follower. Ignore the weird domain– it takes a few days for the domain eatandsipinthecity.com to transfer over!

subscribeYay for new beginnings!


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