January Bestowed Box

Lots of goodies in this months Bestowed healthy snacks subscription food box!

January BestowedThere are a few things I have gotten in my box before like the chia seeds (Salba Smart Chia Boost) and skratch mix (Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix), which I received in this box. But there are lots of new-to-me products like the Oatworks Smoothie and Cooggies Oatmeal Raisin/Double Chocolate Cookies!

in-the-boxThe item I will probably eat first is the Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips and the item I will probably have last or just giveaway, is the Rainbow Light Counter Attack (unless I feel sick or something!). Other products in January’s box include: Dark Chocolate Peanut Balance Bar and EBOOST Natural Energy Booster. I think this is a good mix of items because there is the smoothie for breakfast, chips to pick on at lunch or snack time, cookies for evening sweet tooth attacks, items for pre/post workouts, and then the health focused items for energy and a strong immune system!


What catches your eye from these products?


2 thoughts on “January Bestowed Box

  1. I have a swell idea…
    For the big game Sunday, a huge bowl
    Of fresh guacamole with those yummy sounding bean and rice chips…
    The whole of the parts–beans, rice, guacamole- is so perfectly nexican that it leads to making a huge pitcher of margaritas.. That would be a totally Mexican theme and perfect football food

    GO PATS!!!!!

    Yay Julian Edelman my secret footbsll BF!!! He’s so hot I bet his uniform is on fire

    Can’t wait for Sunday… This is more fun than the Red Sox great run and win

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