10 Most Popular Posts of 2013


1. Worthwhile reads from the web 9/23/13

lasagna2. Super simple strawberry & blueberry Greek yogurt smoothie recipe

smoothie3. 10 recipes and food pairing ideas from Angry Orchard

angry-orchard14. Guest Post: Tips for a Girl’s Night In

sangria5. DIY to try: make your own Edible Arrangement

edible arrangement6. My eats from the week 5/4/13

joes-salad7. V-Day Gifts for the Guys

valentines day gifts8. My eats from the week 4/21/13

egg stuffed-peppers9. Worthwhile reads from the web this week 4/28/13

strawberry-sake-cocktail10. DIY To Try: Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a Jar

jarCan’t wait to see what 2014 brings 🙂 Happy New Year All!



7 thoughts on “10 Most Popular Posts of 2013

  1. Nice recap, fun to look back at all the way cool things you posted

    But, if I may be so bold, I’d love to interject my favorites:
    1:The Frost Bar

    2: The one about the tomato farm in Sterling … Brings back such sweet memories of summer, which I can’t wait for !!!! Haha

    • Frost bar is really cool – not that i would rush there now that it is so darn cold outside! And the tomato farm is in Malden silly – Sterling I brought up in a post one time when I went to happy hour at a bar called Sterlings right in downtown Boston 🙂 I too cannot even wait for summer ! Ahhhh!

  2. Clearview Farm in Sterling has mazing tomatoes….is this the one where Michelle gets her tomatoes?
    They also have great everything including real farm raised chickens….so good

    • Hmmm I will check this out – thanks ! The tomatoes I refer to here on my blog are ones my fiance grows in his home garden ! Over 30 plants / varieties so i spent the whole summer helping him garden everything from herbs to fruits to veggies!

  3. amazing…yay summer

    I didn’t even know there were 30 types of tomatoes….Learn something new at these fascinating blogs

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