Boxtera Healthy Snacks Box Reveal

Earlier this year I received a Boxtera box to check out and review. And this month I am lucky enough to check them out again! Looks like they totally changed things up.

20131221_113856Instead of a variety of brands, with 10+ products, and tissue paper, they have their own snacks line and simpler packaging! At first glance, I noticed I did not receive the cards with the list of contents and recipes like my friend Brandy over at Mommy Splurge!

content card for BoxteraSource

The lowdown on Boxtera is that you now get 5 full-size packages of healthy snacks and a recipe for $19.95 per month.
Here are the contents of this months box:

Boxtera snacks box

My first thoughts? I am most excited about the tangerines and pub mix! I am curious about hibiscus since I LOVE hibiscus tea and I have never actually eaten it. And sesame bites I might want hummus or something to go with it so it is not too dry. Banana chips at first looked like potato chips so those will also be interesting and new to try as well!


I have not dug into any of the snacks just yet since I have barely been home because of work and the big engagement and Christmas festivities! So we shall see!

Q: What do you think? Worth 20 bucks? Any snacks standout?

Find out more info and order your own at:

*I was provided with a Boxtera box for my honest review.


5 thoughts on “Boxtera Healthy Snacks Box Reveal

  1. Speaking of food, but not tangerines, and yes I agree, they are delicious, but did I see you, michelle, not you Brandy, the fine girl you may be, in line at Dinos in the north end today?

    I swear it was you. I left Monica’s and was walking down prince, and looked in Dino’s and thought I saw you.

    I would have walked in, but I got star struck. If it wasn’t you, imagine my embarrassment; and if it was you, what would I say… I would have been so nervous…
    Anyway was it you?

  2. Whew, LOL, imagine if I went up to that girl and asked, “hi, are you michelle the famous food blogger from eat and sips?”

    And she said “what?” And I would have run out in total embarrassment.

    But cool you like Dino’s and its on your fave list… I’m a huge fan of Monica’ the owner is a total hottie !!!!

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