7 Dishes for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

Two weeks until Christmas…can you believe it? If you have been a follower for a bit, you know I have an Italian bf and that they do it up for Christmas Eve with tons of seafood for Feast of the Seven Fishes. I mean, here is the proof. Anyways, here is a roundup of 7 fishes I know I wouldn’t mind chowing down!

Fried Calamari
lobster fradiavolo
Stuffed Clams
Octopus salad

12 thoughts on “7 Dishes for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

  1. OMG x 10 Michelle
    Or should I say OMG x7
    This is amazingly great and I think I prodded you a wee bit to do this . Ok, I was wrong about the number – thought it was 13. Guess it’s 7 for the days if the week , but these recipes rock.

    Bacala, octopus, lobster, shrimp … Delish!!!!!!!

    You did your homework girl
    What a great tradition…makes me think of what Italians I know like to say … There are 2 kinds if people… Italians and those that wish they were

    Rifht now I’m in the latter group.
    Dies your bf have a fave from these scrumptious recipes?

    And which one will you make?

    The bacala sounds like fun because of the pre soaking and washing off the salt. Makes me think of the colonial days

    Yay Michelle… Merry Christmas Eve of the seven (not 13) fishes!!!

  2. My family is Italian & we have lots of fish on Christmas Eve too. I usually save room for lobster rolls, but only eat the filling, not the bread. There’s also stuffed clams, scallops wrapped in bacon, and lots of other delicious food.

      • Ha! I’m not a record spinning DJ, but you’re not a bother!

        My name is Danielle June, and I was a big Full House fan growing up, so I’ve been nicknamed DJ for a while.

  3. OMG
    A Full House shout out
    John Stamos is so so so hot
    And Bob Saget is so hilarious!!!!

    But if I would ever decide to be a DJ, I’d def go by DJ Digs, if that’s cool with you

    These recipes are superb to the max…. My family does the 7 fishes and Cat Con, it’s not for the days of the week., but the 7 sacraments

    Although I’ve heard some people say its the 7 hills. Rome, but that doesn’t make ant sense if yourvfamilybwas poor and from Avellino and never ever even saw Rome.

    It’s the sacraments… 7 of them and 7 fishes…. My mom doubles/triples up on a few things and makes a pasta with lobster and shrimp and mussels… It’s still cool with us because its so delicious.

    Michelle, you making one of the dishes?

      • That’s a way cool tradition… The men cook on Christians eve and then again Christmas Day….
        And you open some sweet gifts…what’s Santa got in his bag for Michelle?

  4. I don’t get the football video that’s on this post.
    It has nothing to do with making fish and/or celebrating Christmas Eve. It’s just dumb thing about super powers on a football field and then eating gross McDonald burgers.

    I felt so lost as I thought it was going to be a video maybe by giada making her fried squid or Mario batali yumming it up with salt cod. I’m so confused.

  5. It’s true… No such thing as a free lunch
    Or in this case, no suchnthingbas free calamari

    Now I understand…. They give you a site to blog your fantasmic ideas, and they put in an ad

    Quid pro quo

  6. Julian Edelman rocks!!!!!!
    Go pats !!!!!!!!
    Miami sucks..NE rules!!!!

    Hope pats stuff the dolphins just like stuffed calamari on Christmas Eve, but in this case stuffed dolphin… Hahaha

  7. That game depressed me
    Michelle, did you watch it.
    And my bf lost money… He bet on the pats… I know if the pats won and he won money from his bookie, my Christmas gift was going to be really good.

    Such is life…. Can’t wait for Christmas

    I’m going to make that octopus salad…looks pretty easy, just a little prep time and not much after that.

    My man Julian had a gret game…he’s just the bf of my dreams though

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