10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Guys

Gift Ideas For Guys

1. Beer Making Kit

2. Mantry

3. Cotton cashmere striped sweater

4.  Two-Tone Chevron Square Cufflinks

5.  Leather roller-buckle belt

6.  adidas Men’s ClimaLite Heathered Thin Stripe Short Sleeve Polo

7. Black Cherry Barbecue Pork Jerky

8. Hendrick’s Gin

9. Rustic Leather Watch Box

10. With You – Throw Pillow


4 thoughts on “10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Guys

  1. Interestingly random
    But I dig it… I’d say this is a very eclectic mix
    But my bf would barf at number 10… He’s too rugged…or hahaha —thinks he is

  2. What a cool list. Chock full of out of the box ideas.

    It would be so cool to get Gronk a bottle of that Gin they named for Jimi Hendricks and some of that BBQ jerky. He’d love that while he’s rehabbing.

    Boo hoo, I’m so bummed for him. That was dirty hit. Belichick should put out a bounty on that guy who ruined my baby Gronk…

    Gin and jerky would be such a cool gift.
    That’s funny, sounds like gin and juice

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