My Eats from Thanksgiving Week

Hey, hey…how was the weekend and your turkey days? I worked Monday through Wednesday and then Thursday headed over to the bf’s house for the holiday with his fam. His mom always gets the perfect floral centerpieces.

flower centerpieceAfter a few light snacks like crackers with cheese and chips with crab dip, the first course was lobster marinara sauce over ravioli.

lobster sauce ravioliThe bf was in charge of the turkey, which he ended up frying for us all and it turned out great!

before pic of turkeyfried turkeyHere is my plate, filled to the brim with turkey, ham, and all the classic sides.

turkey dinnerThere were more dessert options then there were people, so I didn’t get too many photos but I did get an action shot of the bf hand piping ricotta into cannoli shells!

cannoliAnd there was an assortment of treats from the bakery near my apartment in the North End too.

mixed desserts from modernNeedless to say it was a food filled day! Friday it was back to reality and I did some work from home, errands, and of course online shopping from the sales going on for Black Friday and Saturday it was off to Thanksgiving dinner number two, this time with the bf’s friends. I honestly don’t have a ton of photos since I was busy mingling but the ice luge cracked me up, with it’s strobe lights.

ice lugeThe bf was in charge yet again of the turkey but this time there were two! Him and his friend decided to do a little experiment…

bacon wrapped turkeyYup – that crazy looking concoction is a bacon wrapped turkey! Here is the after pic of both turkeys…

turkeyYou will be surprised to hear that is it for pictures – I barely took any compared to my usual self! There were a bunch of sides like mac ‘n cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy and then cookies, a trifle, a couple of cakes for dessert, and tons of beer and wine to drink plus a bonfire. All and all a great two Thanksgivings!

Hope you had a good week too!


5 thoughts on “My Eats from Thanksgiving Week

  1. So so true
    Ever try bacon and pnut butter sandwich…. Aaaamazzzing!!!

    That turkey sounded good….but lobster marinara over raviolis show you and the bf know how to live in style….

    Those goodies come from Maria’s? My fave Avery is Flour… Ever been?

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