Worthwhile reads from the web

Here are 5 of my worthwhile reads from the web from the week of 11/18:

It is that time of year for shopping ’til you drop! But what about putting some time into making gifts instead. How Sweet Eats made up a list of 33 homemade gift ideas that could be a great route to go!

homemade-gift-guide-I-howsweeteats.com-120 Cocktails for Thanksgiving from Serious Eats might add some fun to turkey day instead of the usual wine or beer options normally served! I would love to try a new sangria recipe or something different that day!

cranberry-red-wine-sangriaI am a big fan of boxed stuffing but homemade is always a good route to go! I found this roundup of 10 Spectacular Turkey Stuffing Recipes that are sure to impress! My favorite from the list? Artichoke Parmesan Sourdough Stuffing!

StuffingRemember when I posted Five foods to rev things up in the bedroom? Weird aphrodisiacs from around the world  on Thrillist has a few more options, NONE of which I would ever try! How about you?

cheeseRefinery29 has a lot of great articles lately! Giada De Laurentiis’ Tips For Your Best Thanksgiving EVER   and Your Holiday Beauty Survival Kit are just a couple that caught my eye!

big_logoHope you had a good weekend!


5 thoughts on “Worthwhile reads from the web

  1. OMG
    Those sex enhancers are beyond weird.
    I can’t imagine any guy using those things… Me – just give me a few shots of tequila and I’m ready to see where it goes

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