Rules for my readers

Hi friends! Hope you had a good weekend. Things have been a bit off lately around these parts. Some negative comments to each other have been posted and it is hard to keep up on deleting them! Lots of assumptions about me and my life too which is really not cool.

So just to clarify, my name is MICHELLE . If there are anymore comments calling me Melissa, I am going to have to figure out how to block you all together. I am from Connecticut and have lived in Boston for ten years and I f*ing love this city! My boyfriend lives north of the city in the Malden area. And that is really all you need to know about my personal life beside that I love to share food, gift ideas, product reviews, and my favorite articles around the web. I love learning new things, own a small biz, am a professional copywriter and marketing associate, I have a small garden, and I live downtown. And love taking photos, events, and travel. Really I just have one rule for my readers from here on in. This.

dont hate

Let’s keep it light and fun and free from strange comments interrogating me or each other! Thanks dudes. Much love.


17 thoughts on “Rules for my readers

    • Thanks Nancy! it is so strange …I don’t know what is in the air but out of nowhere it is constant bickering in the comments and that is my worst nightmare ! Ha ! And I am not sure where people are getting the wrong name or wrong town or anything about me as well ;( Kind of a bummer it had to come to me writing a lame-o post like this but hey – what can ya do but move forward !!!

      • Is there several,full moons out there??? I have only recently found you and glad I did! It is a shame. Why can’t people be nice to each as all we have is one another. To much crap happening everywhere we can at least be nice about and talk nice to each other!! And that’s my sermon for the day. . . !

  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about all this stuff. Well, if anything, you can change permissions for all comments to require moderation – it is a bit more work with legitimate comments – but at least you don’t need to hunt down all the nonsense one by one…

    • Thanks 😉 Hopefully this post helps to make some changes around here ! Yea I do have the comments locked until moderated but I think once you let someone post a few times they then can automatically there after? Need to look into this!

  2. Wow! I sometimes get a negative comments directed toward a company (which I welcome as long as they are thoughtful, truthful, valuable and civil) , but not toward each other or directly at me! People are either jealous or insecure. So sad that it is bad enough that you had to post about it. You are such a nice person, too! I read somewhere that when this starts to happen to you, you know you’ve made it. Take it as a sign of your success.

  3. Good for you
    Now back to posting recipes and other good stuff like holiday ideas
    Hint…what to bring to parties and side dishes for turkey day

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