Happy Halloween and day after the Sox won the Series

Happy Halloween everyone!




18 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and day after the Sox won the Series

  1. Jacoby ellsbury soon to be mine
    Caitlin ellsbury has a nice ring
    I luv me my sox!!! Red of course
    Now we need the pats to do it
    I’m still feeling crappy
    Too much pumpkin ale and too many patron shots
    But muddy water rules !!!!
    Melissa you down with the sox or are you a Yankees fan?
    Sox 4eva!! !!!!’
    Yankees suck
    Can’t wait for parade
    I’m going to steal Jacoby off his duck boat and kidnap him
    Yeah right

  2. I live in Charlestown and was checking out Boston blogs and what they were saying about the Sox —yay— and Halloween –boo

    You mention them both in your title but my iPad can’t pull up the copy.
    Do you need a special code to read your ideas on the Red Sox and Halloween?
    Or is my iPad not set up to read what you wrote?
    I adore those pumpkins though…you must be a good artist to carve those designs

    I’m going to a party Saturday in southie and am going as Dasey Dukes aka Jessica Simpson…can’t wait….You going to a party? What will your costume be?

    I hope it’s not cold because my short are really short and I don’t want to freeze.
    Halloween is super fun
    You agree?
    Post the code so I can read what you have to say about the sox and Halloween

    Janelle aka JC

  3. Less than 24 hours to the parade
    I’m psyched so bad
    I bought a pink beard
    Ciroc amaretto vodka in my tall tall dunkin iced

    I’m going to be on Boylston near rattlesnake bar so I can refuel early and often
    Look for me in oink beard and ellsbury jersey!!!

  4. Cat where are you from… Probably Florida or Cali. You should be Tampa bat devil rays fan you bandwagon jumper. You don’t stand a chance with Jacob elks bury he doesn’t like frauds

    • Lizzie, maybe you should change your name to debbie downer.
      Where’s Tampa bat?
      Actually I grew up in Winthrop and my grandfather had season tix and I went all the time until he died two years ago.

      My father lost his job then and couldn’t afford the tix..81 games x $150 (2 tux at 75 each)
      You do the math, oh wait you can’t spell …
      I’m a waitress and I can’t afford to go to a lot if games. But is 7 games enough for you tizzie Lizzie?
      Go Sox
      Go Pats
      Go B’s
      Go C’s
      And you can toss in the Rev too

      Lizzie stop and smell the roses

      Bet Michelle grew up around here, maybe revere or Saugus… She’s got a tuff girl persona

  5. Nice to see a fellow Revereite — thats someone from Revere- on the Internet with a cool blog
    I graduated from St. Mary’s in Lynn in 2005, but am From Revere.
    I love it and think it gets a bad rap… You should blog about some Revere stuff like Kelly’s, the beach, Volare restaurant, the great pasta shops and how cool people live there …people who LUV their Sox like you do.
    Did you go Revere high?

  6. My bad
    I read that you were revere
    Now I just went back and read your rules and tips and now fell so dumb and bad for you
    But I’m not going crazy that some cate girl mentioned revere.
    Anyway, I have the rules straight now

    Go pats!!!

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