October Bestowed Box

October Bestowed Box has arrived! You know how much I loved the first box I received here. And now this one is what made me take the plunge and sign up for a subscription for myself.

carousel-item-2As you can see, the box focused on GMO free foods. It was jam packed with everything from sweets to salty snacks. Not surprising, the first thing I went for was the Unreal peanut butter cups! I am also really excited about the chickpeas. Remember when I made some at home? These look awesome too! Here is my box pic 🙂


Other stand outs for me are the fiber bar and granola mix! It is actually hard to choose something I don’t like here! I guess if I HAD to I would say the protein powder! But I will give it a chance and make smoothies sooner then later. Find out more info about the brand here: http://www.bestowed.com/.

What do you think? Looks good right?


11 thoughts on “October Bestowed Box

  1. Melissa, this is straight out hippie stuff.
    Did the box come from Vermont or maybe Portland, Oregon?
    Wow, I looked at this stuff and wanted to play some Phish and roll a fat one
    Tell us your smoothie recipe. I make mine with Greek yogurt, almond milk and pure coconut water and my favorite fruits. Would you like my recipe?
    Maybe I should blog and just write about my famous smoothies. I think “Smooth Operator” would be a good title.
    Is it against blogging and/or copyright laws to use a song title?

  2. Try almond milk in place of the skim…you will be converted –trust me
    My old BF called me queen of the smoothies. He was the king of lying.
    Mango smoothies are my fave

  3. Neha, trust me, you’ll love it
    And you will see how almond milk adds a tasty element that’s missing in that flavorless, grey and thinner than Mary Kate Olsen skim milk

  4. Never heard of this kind of box before… Looks like it has a lot of yummy healthy snacks. Should def be checking into it. how much does it cost a month? Thanks for the great tips!!!

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