October GlossyBox

My GlossyBox arrived! I received three months subscription from one of my bff’s and was so excited for my first shipment. My first thoughts. Wow – it is wrapped up so nice and neat and girly.

glossyboxThere is an information sheet to give you the low down on what is in your box.

info card for glossyboxHere is what I got in my “Byrdie” box:

glossyboxAnd a closer look:

20131025_090424What I am most excited about? The lip gloss and the mascara! What I am not thrilled about? The anti-wrinkle mask! All and all a great box though – love the brand Fresh and excited to try a new scent from Bvlgari! So far so good on the GlossyBox!

2013_October_Slider3_leakHave you taken the plunge and bought any new subscription boxes? What product do you like best from this box?


6 thoughts on “October GlossyBox

  1. Jill you sound like you might be in financial distress??? I hope things work out for you. Keep your head up something will come your way. In the mean time if you are a gambling gal take the Seattle Seahawks tonight against the rams:)

    • OMG
      Lizzie you bet on football
      Isn’t that illegal unless you live in Vegas? Do you live in lost wages?

      My old bf loved Foxwoods more than he loved me… That’s why he’s the old bf

      Lizzie just say NO to gambling!!!
      Trust me

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