Scenes from my Saturday: Fall Wedding in Maine

Just dropping in with a few pictures of the wedding the bf and I went to Saturday!

guest listHow cool is this? The happy couple asked guests to “leaf” a message and their name on this gorgeous artwork for them to keep from the big day!

place cardSpeaking of leaves….

centerpieceCheck out the centerpiece! A painted pumpkin filled with fresh flowers.

steak dinnerFor dinner? Filet Mignon, potatoes, and green beans.

cupcakesAnd for dessert – cupcakes mania! Great music and tons of dancing, way too much drinking, cool fall weather, and good food to celebrate the happy couple made for a great road trip to Maine. Hope you had a good weekend too!


8 thoughts on “Scenes from my Saturday: Fall Wedding in Maine

  1. This looked like so much fun!!! I used to date a guy who loved this time of year so much I called him”mister autumn.”
    But he turned out to be a jerk. Enough about him–with all that booze and dancing I’m happy they didn’t ask you and the bf “to leaf and go home.” Get it?
    I bet you two had fun—Maine is cool. I love Kennebunkport and ogunquit- hope the wedding was near there.
    Was this wedding fun time in maine a dry run for you and the tomato farmer boyfriend from sterling?
    You two could plan the most fun wedding… Italian themed but with some fall overtones in a nice inn out in the berkshires or on the rocky Maine coast
    What was your favorite dance song? Hope the DJ played “PYT” by michael jackson —that’s one great dance song!!!
    You’re so lucky to have so much fun- I envy you 😦

  2. Omg your bf is from sterling.. So am I. Have you guys ever been to the puckering starfish? It is a alternative club in sterling. Where does he sell his tomatoes does he sell any other produce .. Organic is the way to go

    • No no he is not from there – he’s from the Malden area! I went to the bar Sterlings a few times and mentioned it here so probably a mix up 🙂 He has a garden in his yard with over 30 tomato plants plus cukes, herbs, flowers, eggplant…the list goes on !

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