Delfrisco’s for a Birthday Dinner!

martini at del friscosThe VIP MartiniSvedka Clementine Vodka infused with fresh Hawaiian pineapple

calamari Shanghai-Style Fried CalamariSweet Chili Glaze, Bean Sprouts, Cherry Peppers, Crushed Peanuts & Scallions

Steak at Del Friscos steak trio (1)Entree = Filet Three Ways: Three 4-oz. filet mignon’s with three different toppings: wine and mushroom, garlic, and a la Oscar, with lump crab meat and béarnaise sauce

Sides= Lobster Macaroni & Cheese and Brussels Sprouts

cheesecakeDessert: Cheesecake = eggless recipe, featuring strawberries

To sum it up, the service is top notch! The atmosphere is really lively, with the Red Sox game on and the bar completely filled with people eating and drinking at the Delfrisco’s in Boston. Every table in the dining room was also full and we had a drink at the bar, while waiting for a table to open up. There are water views on one side and city views on the other, which I really enjoyed.

We had visits from not one manager but two, making sure everything was perfect! No this is not a cheap place so expect to drop $200 minimum for a party of two. My steak was cooked to perfection and I actually ended up taking one of the three filet’s home and all of the macaroni and cheese! The brussels sprouts were my least favorite dish since they were barely cooked and I much prefer roasted or sauteed preparation! One thing that made us laugh was we declined having dessert because we were so full. I had mentioned it was my birthday and the waitress brought over a slice of cake with the candle lit, which was so nice. Except when the cake was actually on our bill! Oh well! It was my birthday and the bf and I splurged a little. Or in this case, a lot!

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13 thoughts on “Delfrisco’s for a Birthday Dinner!

  1. Your trainer is gong to say “do an extra 25 kettlebell lifts” after that amazing meal
    Happy birthday
    And shame on them for not comping you a free birthday dessert
    Call them and complain
    Did you have wine? They should wear a mask and carry a gun when they serve wine…criminal how much they charge
    But someone has to pay for that view

  2. Too funny – I was in Boston last weekend and saw an advertisement for Del Friscos – it looked tasty, but since we have one in Dallas, I couldn’t bring myself to look any further! That cheesecake looks AH-MAZ-ING though!

  3. Yum de yum yum yum
    Did the BF have a present waiting for you under the cheesecake?
    Hope your special day was as delicious as that big girl meal

    • The bf did spoil me this year with presents too! Flowers, chocolate truffles, a sephora gift card, and he bought this pricey delish dinner ha! BUT he even offered to chip in for a new computer because my laptop is not in a good place and it might be time to upgrade! Feeling lucky!

      • Must be hard to blog on a bad computer
        Have that BF spend some of the money he made from selling all of those tomatoes this summer on a new computer … They’re so cheap
        May I suggest micro center in Cambridge: ask for Gupta; he helped me get a nice laptop for just under $1000.
        He owes that to you.

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