Crazy for Candy Corn: 10 Ideas You’ll Love This Fall

10 Candy Corn Ideas

With Style & Grace: Halloween Snack Mix // Put Together life: Candy Corn Decor

Mason Jar Crafts Love: DIY Candy Corn Mason Jar // Tattoed Martha: Candy Corn Martini

Live and Love Out Loud: DIY Candy Corn Bunting // Party Blu Prints: DIY Candy Corn Pumpkins

Make Bake Celebrate: Candy Corn Cookies // Or So She Says: White Chocolate Candy Corn Buckeyes

Sweet Peas Kitchen: Candy Corn Cupcakes // Cupcake Diaries: White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies


12 thoughts on “Crazy for Candy Corn: 10 Ideas You’ll Love This Fall

  1. OMG… Subtitle this ” recipe for disaster.”
    Wasted calories are just that…I gained three pounds just reading this

  2. I too love autumn.
    Apples, squash, last of summer tomatoes, GO PATS!!!, cashmere, cider
    I guess I just worry about bad food choices.
    My bad
    GO SOX—jacoby ellsbury is a hottie!!!

  3. Who does not love candy corn……I should have know Jill. Please take my advice in the tilapia blog you are killing the mood around here. Food is meant to be enjoyed not frowned upon. I love Tom Bradys new hair style I wish my boyfriend looked more like him than Gilbert Godfrey, oh well

    • OMG… A Gilbert Godfrey shout out
      Tom Brady is a stud…Liz keep dreaming
      Think tommy boy is cuter than jacoby ellsbury?
      But FYI, candy corn is bad for you
      And real corn isn’t all that nutritious either
      Liz, you’re a hoot!

      • Jill are a piece of work, I love your humor …. I guess. Maybe me and you can pay big Ray at the corner cafe a visit? I would love to pick your brain on nutrition and guys. I love to pound beers also. Lets meet up and see where the night goes:)

      • This is so much fun to read. I luv the comments about Gilbert Godfrey, tom the hunk Brady and jacoby the cutie pie ellsbury.
        FYI– candy corn is fun –/ but remember moderation is the key.
        Lizzie and Jill you both sound so cool.
        Are you lucky enough to be buds with Michele? She sounds so well rounded and interesting

  4. I love the candy corn idea, thank you so much! I am planning to do the candy corn pumpkin! My oldest daughter and I always try to find the pumpkin with the MOST character. I will be on the lookout for an oblong one tomorrow. I LOVE my mason jaars, but I use them canning, not crafts! I have a wilton candcorn cupcake pan that is a pain in the butt, but the finished product is amazing!

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