Worthwhile reads from the web

Here are 5 of my worthwhile reads from the web from the week of 9/30:

10 food-based social media habits that need to stop immediately really cracks me up. I may or may not be guilt of a few of them (eh hem).

sandwichEmbrace the fall and all things pumpkin with these Pumpkin Whoopie Pie’s from Homemade Delish! They would make a great addition to Sunday football gatherings, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving…the options are endless the next couple of months!

pumpkin whoopie piesOMG. Seriously. These look SO freakin’ good. Thanks Recipe Critic – this one is a keeper. I would love to try this recipe for Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars.

caramelapplecheesecakeI have never made hummus from scratch. Can you believe it? These options make me want to change that asap! Get Your Hummus Fix With These Unique Recipes from Self.

get-your-hummus-fix-05-foss431This work out routine makes you realize you really have no excuse to not work out daily considering you can do them NOW at home! Thanks LC for the Shape Up: The Anywhere Workout Plan!

work outCiao for now!


5 thoughts on “Worthwhile reads from the web

  1. “Die for” is appropriate. Get the recipe, make them and the slippery slope of awful food will prove to be more than one pitfall in an otherwise ordinary life. I implore “say no to whoopee pies.”

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