Yogurt filled stawberries recipe & Yoplait Greek Yogurt giveaway

strawberriesHow awesome would this recipe be for an upcoming party or even to just enjoy for yourself as a snack or dessert! Just strawberries, Greek yogurt, chocolate chips, and optionally add orange peel!

yogurt filled strawberries

Yoplait shared the recipe card when they sent over the goodies I mentioned in this post.

yogurt filled strawberries

They also shared coupons for free yogurt, which I would love to share with YOU! Two winners will receive 4 coupons each for free cups of Yoplait Greek or Yoplait Greek 100! The winner will be chosen this Sunday at noon on my Facebook page! To enter, like my page Eat and Sip in the City. Then comment on the post about the giveaway with what your favorite Greek Yogurt flavor is! Good luck!
Yoplait Greek coupon


8 thoughts on “Yogurt filled stawberries recipe & Yoplait Greek Yogurt giveaway

  1. Cat I am having trouble seeing where you are coming from in regards to the Macintosh?!?!? The post has to do with strawberries not apples. The thought of questioning her choice of fruit is upsetting?!?!

    • Lizzie,
      You don’t get it, do you?
      Recipes are just templates and creative types use them much like an artist uses a canvas. Open your mind and your tastebuds. Sips and eats understands where I’m coming from; pity you’re so narrow and mean.
      Take out your aggressions on a voodoo doll not people with feelings.
      Thanks sips and eats for liking my idea and the granola tip too.
      I’ll use the cored out sole to make apple sauce. Lizzie, try it, you may like it, that is once you stop being mean!!!!

      • Hi ladies! Can’t we all just get along? lol

        Cat Con- I appreciate your suggested fruit swap idea and Lizzie I also appreciate your making sure I am cool with comments around here about other alternate recipes 🙂

        Have a good night all!

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