Why to Enter Blog Giveaways

Just dropping in to talk about giveaways. My small biz, Baby Bump Bundle, has been doing lots of giveaways for mom-to-be, moms, baby etc (actually we have one planned on Tuesday). and it has really gotten me into entering other peoples contests and giveaways too. And guess what? You really can win! Check out a few of my prizes I won this year:

My Judy the Foodie Fat Witch Brownie Giveaway

Around Valentine’s Day, I won this huge box of amazing brownies!

browniesFresh Mommy Thymes Moonflower Shimmer Body Lotion

This summer, I was the lucky winner of a nice body lotion!


Dancing for Food Giveaway of an Origami Owl gift card for $30

I cannot wait to see this creation for my sis! She will be treated to a gorgeous necklace with bling and her birthstone and a fleur de lis and other charms in her own locket which hopefully I will receive soon!


Harvest Snaps giveaway on a Night Owl Blog!

These are on the way and I am so excited for a new snack option!


Eat Live Blog plastics giveaway!

I got a bunch of fun plastic items like cups, an avocado slicer, plastic plates, and a whole box of kitchen related plastic items!


What about you? Won anything fun lately?


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