Worthwhile reads from the web this week

Here are 5 of my worthwhile reads from the web from the week of 9/9:

Banana and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies sound so delicious and perfect for fall, with it’s cinnamon and nutmeg!


Fall is coming and Martha has you covered with flower ideas!

fall-arrangements-3-mld108163_vert23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing made me laugh. I may or may not be guilt of number 15.


I love the series Putting My Mom on a Diet on Can You Stay for Dinner? So many great food ideas in the meal plans and then at the end of the post, we get to hear how the food blogger Andie’s mom’s weight loss is coming along from both the bloggers perspective and moms too! She has lost 24 pounds from eating healthy and counting calories! No sneaky diet pills or carb-free diet or anything!

pic-1Apple-Spice Layer Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting totally made me double take! Goat cheese? In frosting? I NEED to know how this is – I am so curious!

spice cake

Have a good evening all!


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