The Goodies Co – August Taster’s Box

I received a new product from The Goodies Co, which is affiliated with Walmart, and includes snacks each month starting at just $7! They actually also have a kid snacks box subscription as well, for all the parents out there sick of the usual snack’s at the grocery store. You get a surprise care package with a few snacks just for you each month and then you can go back and review the items you liked and didn’t like to receive points. You can also shop around and get more of what you love as well.

goodies box

In my box, there were 6 items:

1.    Pronto Coffee – Cafe Blues
What I loved about this is you literally just pour the packet of liquid into hot or cold water and voila! Coffee in seconds. What I didn’t like is the taste though, since I am more of a flavored coffee gal. (Image Source)
cafe blues pic

2.    Alo Light
This drink really surprised me! There were bits of juicy aloe pulp and it was so fruity and delicious, without a ton of calories! Definitely a fan!


3.    Big’s Ranch Sunflower Seeds
I have had these before and I like them but I don’t really eat seeds too often. Too much work getting them open! Ha!


4.    Poplets
If you are one of those people that actually likes the unpopped popcorn at the bottom of a microwave bag, this is for you! Me? Not so much. It’s crunchy and flavorful but I am not too crazy about the texture.


5.    Eat Smart Naturals Veggie Chips – Potato, Tomato, and Spinach
OK so I think I would rather just stick to regular potato chips because the nutritional value is pretty much the same but without the flavor! These needed some salt or herbs/spices or something to jazz them up but at least they were a decent portion size.


6.    Tangy Zangy sour fruit snacks
I had REALLY high hopes for these because I am a fruit snack and gummy fan. But these were a small portion and not really all that sour! They were more like a sugar coated licorice then a sour fruit snack.

sour snack

The verdict? It is only 7 bucks so if you love surprises and variety, it is for you! As you can see, I liked some of the things and was kind of blah about others but I would totally give it another chance and I like seeing new products I haven’t seen elsewhere! Check it out for yourself at the website:

*I was provided with a Goodies Co. Box for review and as usual all opinions are my own.


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