New seasonal Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple

Apples plus cinnamon equals Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple hard cider! I was so excited to try this refreshing drink and it totally lived up to my expectations!

Cinnful apple

“Our Cinnful Apple cider is crisp and refreshing with a spicy twist. The sweet, slightly tart apple flavor is balanced with cinnamon spice, adding hints of cocoa and a slight heat.”

Info from Angry Orchard:

ABV: 5%

Color: AMBER

Gluten Free

Food Pairings:



Pumpkin Apple Pancake


Fettuccini Alfredo

Honey Glazed Ham

BBQ Ribs


Vanilla Bean Cupcake

Ginger Ice Cream

“A Little About Cinnful Apple:  Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple imparts a sweet, slightly tart apple flavor, balanced with the aroma of cinnamon spice.  This seasonal cider is refreshing and smooth yet warming, the perfect complement to the colder months ahead. The spicy flavor profile of Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple also pairs exceptionally well with fall holiday drinking occasions and a variety of foods.”

Angry-Orchard-Cinnful-Apple-Hard-Cider-6pack-200You have got to try it and let me know what you think! The bf and I had it last night with a simple dinner of grilled chicken, veggies, and cous cous, and quickly became fans! Check out the Angry Orchard website for more info and look for it in stores too!


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