10 ways to use tomatoes from the garden

It’s tomato season! The bf’s garden is packed with over 30 different tomato plants (see below for a peek) and I have a little tomato plant of my own on my fire escape in the city. So it is time to start enjoying all the delicious, juicy tomatoes. These 10 ideas are just a few ways I am loving!



Spinach, Tomato, and Pepper Goat Cheese Omelet

Baked tomatoes featuring eggs and cheese



Caprese salad

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes


Pasta Pomodoro


Roasted tomatoes 

Fresh Plum Tomato Sauce

Pizza at home! Be inspired by Sterlng’s restaurant in Boston, MA

Flatbread Pizza


6 thoughts on “10 ways to use tomatoes from the garden

  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got tomatoes in my tummy
    Great stuff…luv the pix—they make me want to eat.
    Where is Sterling’s? Is it in Sterling, Mass?
    Bet your BF is Italian with all those tomato plants. Does he live in Sterling on a big farm?

    I can’t find the recipe, and I want to make that tomato board beautiful thing from that restaurant in Sterling…please, please, please post the recipe


  2. how about stewed tomatoes. They are really delicous baked tomatoes with butter and a bread crumb topping. Grandma used to make them all the time with tomatoes that are really ripe.

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