5 ways to enjoy new Yoplait Greek Yogurt

I was so excited when I was offered up a chance to try new blended blueberry Greek yogurt from Yoplait, even before it hit shelves! It features a smooth texture but also has plenty of chunks of blueberries throughout the tasty high protein treat.

yoplait greek
Yoplait Greek is available in not just blueberry flavor but also: Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry Raspberry, Tangerine and Vanilla. And each has less than 150 calories! Since I got quite a few containers and I knew they would expire on the quicker side, I got thinking about ways to use ‘em!
1.    Plain– I loved noshing on this for breakfast or a pre-work out snack.

blueberry greek yogurt
2.    With granola – add some crunch from your favorite cereal or granola mix!
3.    In popsicles– I made a simple combo of blueberry Greek Yoplait, OJ, and honey.

blueberry popsicle
4.    In a smoothie – mix up the Greek yogurt with skim milk and ice cubes for a filling and fruity delicious shake. You can even add frozen banana instead of the ice cubes and you can add fresh blueberries or strawberries too! The options are endless.

5.    In your baked goods– use the yogurt in the place of more fattening ingredients like vegetable oil, like this quick bread I found on allrecipes.

Question: What is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt? And your fave way to eat it?
*I was provided with free samples of Yoplait Greek to enjoy; all opinions are my own.


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