My eats

Ok so these are not my eats from last week (which I used to do on a regular basis), they are the standouts from the rest of May, even though we are clearly WAY into June!  Looking back, I see there were barely any homemade meals. Just way too busy with the biz, writing, and too much work! Sushi, sandwiches, and salads were the name of the game, as you can see.

Spicy tuna from the North End fish market has been in my regular eating rotation! Also from there, I got shrimp and cocktail sauce to snack on.

spicy tuna

On the salad front, Greek salad from J. Pace’s is jam packed with feta! And I also tried their cold Greek pasta salad. It is definitely something I would like to recreate at home. It features pasta, feta cheese, onions, peppers, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, celery, and Greek dressing all mixed up together and chilled.

greek salad

pasta salad
A new spot in the North End in Boston called Cobblestone has opened up. I gave their veggie wrap a chance and was disappointed in the veggie to wrap ratio. You can even see it in the pic! They should shove in some spinach or something ! I will stick to the salads for now like the Cobb!

veggie wrap cobb
Across the street is Thinking Cup, which I popped in for an iced tea and couldn’t resist drooling over all the treats they sell.

thinking cup
Speaking of treats, the bf brought over dessert from Bova’s.  A heart shaped chocolate covered, chocolate cake with a rose.

heart shaped chocolate cake
Lucky me! I had the chance to write and review sweets from Chocolate Therapy!
The bf and I hit up Margaritas and got what else? Margaritas! We also tried the chimichangas!

margarita chimi changas
I have been keeping it simple with just frozen banana smoothies when I wake up. So refreshing during summer!

A recent beach trip resulted in a healthy lunch with my work-out buddy/gal pal. We just got chicken wraps and veggies with mustard on wheat tortillas. It was clearly a sunny day and a healthy and light lunch was the way to go!

chicken wrap
I have been loving bruschetta lately. The bf and I had it alongside chicken breasts and veggies he picked up from Boston Market.

chicken dinner
On the not-so-healthy side of things, buffalo chicken sub is the worst for you, but seriously so good! I picked this up from Golden Goose. They also have already made entrees and I couldn’t resist pasta with meat sauce on a cold and rainy day!

buffalo chicken sub pasta with meat sauce
And last but not least, after shopping and doing errands, the bf and I popped into TGI Friday’s.  The portion sizes are giant! Check out the potato skins. I happily brought home the leftovers.

potato skins
Have a good day!


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  1. Make the most of summer’s fresh vegetables and grilling by preparing Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wraps to take along on a picnic. Serve up these wraps with a side of potato or pasta salad.

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