Coolgearcan for sale now in CVS stores!

I love trying out new products (as you know!). Just in time for summer, when staying hydrated is even more important, I received this: the coolgearcan,™ from Plymouth, MA company Cool Gear International.


Basically it’s a handy way to have cold drinks, on the go, that looks just like an aluminum soda can but it’s reusable and spill proof. You just screw off the top and fill it with your fave drink and then slide the top back and forth to sip it. “The re-usability and patented technology of our new coolgearcan™ supports our mission to inspire a healthier and happier lifestyle and allows consumers to ‘rethink their drink,’” said Donna Roth, the president and CEO of Cool Gear International. 


It holds 16 ounces and keeps the drink cold for up to 6 hours! I went with the peacock designed can and loved how bright and fun it looked on my recent trip to the beach!


Look out for the coolgearcan at CVS and other local drug stores.  Also this summer, they will be featuring the product at Walmart, Bed, Bath, & Beyond and even online at for around $6! What’s cool about it is it comes in 50 different fun designs, each with its own name, pattern, and even a recipe! Check them out online at their website or join them on their social media sites: & @coolgearinc.



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