Food photo Friday: aka my eats from the week

Not a lot of excitement on the food front the past few days of this week. A lot of turkey sandwiches that I have spared you photos of though! Anyways, I did make it to Cheesecake Factory last night after shopping and had to share a pic of their grilled artichokes.

grilled artichokes

This week Starbucks was offering a “happy hour” special for half priced Frappucino’s from 3 pm to 5 pm so I had to get one and splurge a bit! I got the light mocha with whipped cream.


On the healthier front, I had a tasty and colorful garden salad with chicken at home.

chicken on a salad

I also had granola cereal and fresh strawberries, which is always tasty.

granola with fruit

For snack, I added the seasoned lentils (which you can check out here) to my Greek yogurt, and it was an awesome combo!

greek yogurt

For take out Tuesday with the bf, I got the steak tips over Greek salad from Avellino’s!

steak tip salad

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Food photo Friday: aka my eats from the week

    • Finally got back my salad cravings ! I go through phases where I am sick of them ! I think the warm weather makes my veggie and fruit meals come back into the mix way more !

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