My eats from the week

Ok so really this post is about my eats from the past couple of weeks! I have been slacking on my weekly posts (soorrryyy). But I just had to share all the goodies that have been consumed both at home and out and about in Boston.

I am still on my shake/smoothie kick. This one had pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt, skim milk, ice, and cinnamon and sugar seasoned sprouted lentils.


Another creation I made was this masterpiece. I took strawberries, frozen banana, ice, and then Simply Lemonade with Blueberry, with a dash of water too.


I made a few new recipes as well. Honey-Lemon Dressing from Food & Wine was one of them! The bf thought it was a bit TOO sweet for his taste but I liked how fresh and light it tasted.

salad dressing

He made his way into the kitchen to make us some fun desserts. He took puff pastry and made a cinnamon, sugar, and cooked apple mixture to put inside squares of it and baked it up for us with a dash of cinnamon on top. We both agreed they could have been filled with more of the apples but that it was really tasty. It was even good the next day!

apple pastry apples1

With the leftover puff pastry in the freezer, the following week he also made good old fashioned Napoleon’s.


Also coming out of my kitchen were these dinners. Pork tenderloin one night with veggies and salad and also my favorite pasta dish he makes, Pasta Pomodoro.

pork tenderloin

pasta with tomatoes

Sometimes I get a big time craving for boxed macaroni and cheese so that happened one day as well.

mac n cheese

And I had my usual turkey or chicken sandwiches but this time I tried the Fiber One wraps, which were really good to have on hand!

turkey wrap chicken wrap

I also made a batch of baked/roasted chickpeas! Soooo good! If you have not made these, I strongly recommend it.

roasted chick peas

Now onto take-out! The bf and I got Boston Market chicken to bring home for dinner with all the Thanksgiving type sides!


We also got one of our local favorites, Dino’s, in the North End section of Boston, where I ordered the veggie and chicken packed chicken cacciatore over ziti. Another day I went there AGAIN and got the Greek salad with grilled chicken. OMG. So good!

chicken cacciatore and ziti chicken greek salad

On my way home from the gym one day, I got the steak tips and brussel sprouts to heat up at home, from Monica’s market.


With good weather creeping in, a lunch outside on the patio at Joe’s had to happen. I got the honey chicken salad with the dressing on the side. Always delic!

joes salad

A pizza from Regina’s was a must when cooking was not in the cards one evening with the bf.


I met up with an old co-worker of mine to chat and have some dinner at Hillstone last weekend. We got grilled artichokes to start and then shared the tempura battered/fried chicken fingers platter, featuring cole slaw and fries.

grilled artichokes tempura chciken fingers

And on the cocktail front, I tried the skinny margarita at where else? Margaritas! Really tasty!

skinny margarita

Have a great weekend whether you are a Kentucky Derby fan or celebrating Cinco de Mayo or just enjoying the spring weather!


8 thoughts on “My eats from the week

  1. That honey chicken salad from joes is my all time favorite, I get extra extra dressing bc it’s so good and I love the pasta on top, YUM.

  2. Simple Bacon and Chicken salad recipe A really simple bacon,water chestnut and chicken salad recipe groomed to perfect. All you have to do is cook the bacon and you done. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes! The greatest Chicken sandwich recipe I think this has got to be the greatest chicken salad sandwich recipe ever and I think that you’ll agree as soon as you’ve tried it. Seriously good Chicken Salad Another great chicken salad recipe. This one is really easy and the results are awsome. Unfortunately we can’t take the credit for this recipe which is a shame as it is so good.

  3. Years and years ago, in my wild youth (ha!), a friend who wanted to be more than a friend made baked ziti for me one night and served it by candlelight. He was Italian, got the recipe from his brother, and told me the secret – mash an egg in with the ricotta until it turns into creamy smooth goodness.

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