My eats from the week

Since my last eats from the week, I have tons of food photos to share, so let’s dive right in!

So many delicious foods cooking in my kitchen the past 10 or so days (since my last food photos post)! The bf made one of my favorite healthy dinners: turkey and thyme with rice and salad.

turkey cutlets dinner

He also brought over his usual veggie packed soup, with kale and green beans and other healthy goodies in there and even brought homemade bread to dip in olive oil! And flowers from his garden too. I am one spoiled gal.


I picked up some veggies at Monicas in the north end of Boston and heated them up in a skillet. So tasty!


I have been on an egg kick lately. Using the bf’s homemade bread, I toasted a piece, fried an egg, and roasted a tomato slice, for an easy breakfast.

tomato egg on toast

Another day I tried something new! A roasted red pepper split in half and baked with a scrambled egg in each. I put garlic powder, Mrs. Dash, salt and pepper and it took about 20 minutes to bake up in the toaster oven. I garnished it with chopped chives and it was really good.

stuffed peppers

Since we were basically told to stay indoors Friday while the chase to find the suspects in the marathon tragedy was going on, I had to scrounge together a meal, which ended up being delicious.  I had wheat pasta with tomato sauce and then Sea Cuisine tilapia, which takes just 20 minutes to bake, and it comes with a lemon pepper sauce.


The bf and I made a mini batch of apple crisp from a recipe we saw on All Recipes one night, in a quick bread pan and had whipped cream on top. The weather is still chilly around here so it felt like nice, warm comfort food!

apple crisp

BUT it did randomly get nice out the day after Monday’s mayhem. So my friend and I hit up Joe’s to sit by the water and attempt to relax over a drink and food. I got a bloody mary and also a chicken club sandwich which came with fries and onion rings.

bloody mary club

What seems like forever ago, we also went to Hillstone one evening. Wine, spinach dip with chips, and a burger while sitting at the bar, is basically my favorite thing to do there.

wine spinach dip cheeseburger

Apparently I have been craving burgers all the time? While out Friday, when we were told we could actually leave our homes, the boyfriend and I got cocktails (sangria for me dirty martini for him), sirarcha and honey wings, and a burger, at Vito’s. Sadly, beside the wings, we were not crazy about the drinks or the food, but we did like the wings alot at least. So we decided maybe we will stick to beers and apps next time we go there. It was also so so crowded and crazy because of the days happenings so maybe that is why things weren’t that tasty, because of the busy factor? Who knows.

sangria wings burger

And it seems a week doesn’t go by without a sweet treat from Bova’s. Best red velvet whoopie pie “evah.”

red velvet

One last place to mention on this sunny, cold morning. J. Pace’s! Fast and cheap Italian sandwich.

italian sandwich

That’s all folks! Enjoy your Sunday!



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