Time is on my side; yes it is

Today I can’t even think about writing about food or drinks. Fitness or fun. Fashion, product reviews, or anything else. Today I just want to take a minute and share what happened in Boston yesterday. Yes, you have already seen the news and know how horrific of a day it was at the marathon. But I can’t help but share how crazy the timing was for me.

I tracked my friend’s progress all morning on the marathon website, based on her bib number, to decide when to venture into the area. At 2:28 pm, I wrote to my friend who had plans to meet up with me, saying “I just got to the Back Bay!” I continuously wrote to her, trying to find a spot to meet up with her and our other friend. They were coming from the opposite direction, walking from the Red Sox game and we wrote to each other and decided to keep walking until we met up around the finish line.

The bombs went off on Boylston Street at the finish line between Dartmouth and Exeter Streets at 2:50 pm. For those that do not know, the streets are alphabetical in that area. At 2:38 pm, I was passing Dartmouth Street, admiring the finish line and squeezing myself amongst the crowds to keep on walking, while taking in a bit of the runners happily and tiredly making their way over the finish line. At 2:43 pm I excitedly wrote to my friends that I was by the finish line near Exeter Street and all the action and wondered if I should stay put so we could see our friend cross the line or keep walking towards where the girls I was meeting were. I tracked my friends bib once again and I knew we had at least 20 minutes to spare before getting a peek at her run into the area, so I kept walking away from the finish line.


By 2:46 pm, I had texted that I was now in between Exeter and Fairfield Street and I was just going to stay put there, a decision that looking back changed EVERYTHING. My friends arrive by 2:47 pm, so I was glad to no longer be alone amongst the chaos and crowds. “What do you think? Should we make our way back down to Dartmouth and Exeter to the finish line to see our friend??!!” said one of my friends. “Nah, I said. I was just down there and it is pretty crazy.”

That is the understatement of the year, based on what happened just MINUTES later. We found a spot close to the railing to try to scope out our friend running, just a block from the finish line. We heard a boom a few minutes after meeting up and finding our spot close to the runners, and just looked at each other confused. A canon going off in celebration? I thought. A transformer accidentally blowing up by Copley Square? And then the second boom occurred and pure panic set in. We did not even turn our heads fully to look back because out of the corner of our eyes we saw people running and smoke quickly approaching. It felt like slow motion but we kept it together, the three of us held hands, and we ran as fast as we could up Boylston Street and down Fairfield Street, until we got a few blocks away from the incident.

Needless to say we were shaken up. But we are amongst the lucky ones that day. We obsessively watched the news, stalked our friend who was running to make sure she was fine (she was safe thank goodness) and spent time together at my friends apartment. Constant updates on social media sites and conversations with friends and family filled the day. But all I keep doing is replaying it in my head. I keep thinking about all the what if’s and I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that time was on my side yesterday. I even did a mapquest to see how far I was from the bombings, compared to where we were standing. It was 1/10th of a mile; or around 500 feet, and on the map, 0.1 miles, or just one block. No matter how I think of it, it was too close for comfort and was where I was JUST standing alone. For those that do not have the same story of getting away unharmed, I sit here with a heavy heart and teary eyes and send along my deepest sympathy for any injuries and deaths that have affected the runners and spectators and their families thus far.



11 thoughts on “Time is on my side; yes it is

  1. What a horrific experience for you & your friends & all who were there. My prayers go out to all the runners, families, medical & emergency personnel & all affected by this cowardly act of terror. Such a sad day, only lightened by all those heroes who came to the rescue of their fellow man who needed them!

    • Thanks Annmarie. What bravery it took while I ran away from the scene scared out of my mind, the police and medical professionals ran towards the area, to do everything they could! Thankfully additional suspicious packages were disposed of and though it was terrible, it could have been worse.

    • Thanks for checking out my post. Yeah, I am feeling like timing is everything in this situation. I heard today Forum and Atlantic Fish were the areas hit badly in the second explosion. Address of Forum 755 Boylston. Address of Abe & Loies where I was? 777 Boylston. TOO close for comfort.

  2. I have never felt such pure relief when you texted me that you were safe. I could only remember you saying, I am walking to see Shannon cross finish line. Next thing I know, I get an AP alert that a bomb went off. Michelle, at that moment my heart stopped. I love you with all my heart and am so grateful for you and your safety! Hugging you tightly!

  3. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. I was at 900 Boylston Street, in front of The Capital Grille, when the bombs went off. I was trying to make my way down to the finish line to see my daughter Shannon cross the finish line. Thank you, and all of Shannon’s friends for supporting her. I greatly appreciate it.

    Shannon’s Mom

    • Hi Shannon’s mom! Thanks for reading my post! It is so crazy to think how close we ALL were! Thankful today for us and Shannon but so so sad about the those in the hospital and those who have passed ;(

  4. I am so, so happy you are safe. I cannot believe how crazy your timing was and how close you were to the bombs. Reading your post gave me chills. I can’t stop thinking about that day and all those who were harmed by such a senseless act.

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