Food Photo Friday aka My Eats from the Week

Happy holidays! I seem to have lots of photos to share for this week’s eats. You already saw my tasty Meatless Monday meal plan (how good does the buffalo cauliflower salad look!!). But since last weekend, I have tried lots of new things and eaten some treats!

Last Saturday, I met up with my friend for a night out on the town in Boston! First up, apps from JM Curley. We got popcorn, fried pickles, and cast iron mac n cheese. Popcorn – good stuff. You can’t really mess it up. Well, unless you burn it. Anyways, fried pickles? Very tasty and fun to pick at and I liked the flavorful dipping sauce. For the mac, we had high hopes. But sadly the macaroni was a bit too overcooked/soft for my liking. The cheese sauce however and the presentation of it were great though! Maybe I would give it another chance.

fried pickles popcorn mac n cheese

Next up, wine and cocktails at Sip! We got sangria, Moscow mule, and then a glass of red and white wine. Prices are a bit high here so consider yourself warned. But it seemed to be popular and busy! Things got a bit blurry and we headed to Silvertones after, where I have no pics to show but I love their raspberry infused vodka. All and all a great night out!

wine at sip

sangria and ginger

Now onto a lunch time photo. I love a simple sandwich with a side. Baked chips, carrot sticks..anything I can pick at with my sandwiches. I bought a small batch of pasta salad from the store this week. This one had rotini with Italian dressing, and finely chopped roasted peppers, celery, and sliced black olives. Simple but delic!  I will def. be making my own version of this soon.

pasta salad

For take-out Tuesday with the bf, we went with rotisserie chicken! It is funny how there are actually not THAT many Boston Markets in Boston? Pretty strange! But the bf picked up a chicken and the usual sides at the Medford location for us.

rotisserie chicken

And for dessert, we split a yummy chocolate dipped cannoli from our fave local spot Bova’s.


Sometimes I randomly sign up to get samples and don’t even remember because it takes like 2 months. In the mail I got the new Nescafe Memento packets! Wow. I was super impressed that they are coffee packets that already have the milk and sugar in there. And it got so frothy like you were at a coffee shop getting a cappuccino or something!


Another new product I tried was the Sea Cuisine Apple Wood Smoked Salmon with Mustard BBQ Sauce, which I had with a salad and peas and corn. Really tasty and easy considering you keep it in your freezer and just bake for 20 minutes or less! Much more to come on that since I have a few more flavors to try.

sea cuisine

Not so new to me is Ernesto’s pizza. I had been running around all day and grabbed a slice (which is really 2 slices and I can save one for later). I got the pepperoni, chicken, and ricotta! Always hits the spot when I need something cheap, on the run.


Hope you are having a great Passover or getting geared up for Easter weekend!


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