Worthwhile reads from the web this week

Here are my worthwhile reads from the web from this week 3/18:

Sweet peas and shells alfredo on Shutterbean looks like a tasty Meatless Monday comfort food!


Also a warm and filling pasta dish, this Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese caught my eye on Foodista.

bacon mac n cheese

Pasta cravings seem to be the theme this week? Simply Scratch had a recipe for Italian Sausage with Kale and Blistered Tomato Fettucine.


10 Amazingly Beautiful Dinners on the Oprah website, feature some tasty and totally appealing pics of food, including this Basil Chicken with Grilled Kale and Heirloom Tomatoes.


I need to change up how I cook asparagus, after seeing this slideshow of amazing asparagus recipes.


Let’s talk about cocktails! The Mamani Gin & Tonic recipe on Tasting Table sounds spicy, refreshing, and delic!


These Betty Crocker Raspberry Mousse Brownies are sure to impress at a dinner party or even as a treat with your sweetheart.


Kettlebell Workout: Burn 20 Calories a Minute seems like a great way to get in shape this spring.


For those that are new around here, I am the co-founder of a Boston online baby and mom biz called Baby Bump Bundle LLC. So I of course found interest in this Goop article: Starting a Small Business featuring “real, practical tips for starting and running a small (growing) internet business.”


Boston has a new brewery: Trillium!

Just in time for picnics in the park, Bees Knees Supply is open in Boston as well.

And there is a new restaurant in the North End worth a visit: Quattro.

Have a good night!



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