Food Photo Friday aka My Eats from the Week

This week flew by! It was definitely eventful with the first day of spring, yet a snow storm…what is up with that?! Anyways, in terms of my eats from the week, I have a few things to share, so lets dive right in.

Last weekend the bf and I went to Cask n Flagon for a b-day celebration with friends, to watch the UFC fight. We ordered a few beers and apps (how do I not have pics?) but the standout was a St. Paddy’s day inspired green shot we got! It was so delicious and called Girl Scout Cookie, since it tasted like a thin mint.

girl scout cookie shot

I already shared a few pics from St. Paddy’s day, which I spent with the bf and his friends at their local Irish drinking club. But I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of the monster plate of corned beef again! You could grab a roll and mustard and pile on as much meat as you want, all day long!

Corned beef

It seems like Tuesdays have become take out night for the bf and I. This week we went for Chinese food combo dinners. Cheap, filling, tasty, and lots of leftovers= my kind of meal. I got wonton soup which was packed with chicken and veggies plus the wontons! Then my dinner included a HUGE portion of crab Rangoon, spare ribs, beef teriyaki skewers, and pork fried rice. Needless to say I DID NOT eat this all in one sitting lol. He picked it up at Asian Taste, a new-to-me spot in Medford, MA.

wonton soup chinese food

He also picked up the ultimate indulgence for us: Oreo cheesecake from D’Amici’s in Melrose, MA. OMG. Ridic.

oreo cheesecake

Taco night from an easy kit occurred at home another night.

beef taco

And with leftover soft tortillas from the taco kit, I also made cheese quesadillas!

cheese quesadilla

Boston Common coffee kind of let me down the other day. I used to have free bagel Mondays at my old job and I have not had a bagel since I worked there months ago. So I gave in to the urge and picked up an everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. I asked for it toasted and with the cream cheese on the side. Sadly the bagel was cold and the cream cheese was on it. Boo. Thumbs down! The iced skim mocha latte with splenda on the other hand…oooh yea – so good! And the frosted pumpkin bread I saved for later? Really tasty! But not a good bagel sitch.

bagel and coffee pumpkin bread

TGIF and hope you had a food and fun filled week!


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