My Meatless Monday meal plan

I got such a great response from last week’s Meatless Monday meal plan post, so I have decided to keep them up! Here’s what was on my plate today. Keep in mind I don’t go totally vegan and I do still enjoy eating fish, eggs, and dairy on Monday’s. But it is a great day for me to stay away from my usual chicken, turkey, ham, steak, etc, to focus on more fruits, veggies, beans, and other foods.

Breakfast: Peach Chobani Greek yogurt, wheat toast with reduced fat peanut butter, and a sliced orange, alongside a coffee with skim milk and splenda


Lunch:  Chipotle bowl featuring cilantro lime rice, black beans, fajita veggies, cheese, sour cream, corn salsa, lettuce, tomato, medium salsa, and jalapeno hot sauce with a diet coke with lemon


Snack: Baby carrots with Joseph’s spinach dip


Dinner: Salmon and salad with green beans, broccoli, peas, tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce with light Italian dressing


On deck for dessert? If I need something sweet, I have some fruit snacks packets!


Hope everyone had a great Monday. And feel free to share any of your Meatless Monday or vegetarian ideas with me!



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