Food Photo Friday aka My Eats from the Week

I already showed you my meatless Monday meal plan this week. But there were lots of other fun food photos to share for this week’s eats. Let’s start off with what I ate OUTSIDE the house which surprisingly wasn’t a ton.  The bf and I took a walk around Quincy Market in Boston and he wanted to check out the new fast-food burger joint U-Burger. Pretty decent but it is no Five Guys.


For dessert, we headed into the Godiva store. OMG. So many options. I dug into an almond butter truffle and loved it.


Another dessert we splurged on a different night was bringing home this masterpiece from Modern Pastry.

chocolate mousse

And for takeout, we got a place I have mentioned a bit, Avellino’s. I went with the steak tips with mushrooms and onions alongside rice. Plenty of leftovers from this mega meal!

avellinos steak tips and rice

Guess what came in the mail? My new friends at Chobani totally hooked me up! They were fans of my smoothie recipe. Three cheers for Greek yogurt!


On the home front, I have a fun new snack to share with you all! Baked Snapea Crisps from Snack Salad. So addicting, without the guilt!


Also, have you tried the prepared salads from Cedar Foods? Right next to their hummus selection at Whole Foods, I found this gem. Chickpea salad featuring edamame, peppers, carrots,  cranberries, and a vinaigrette dressing and spices. Seriously hit the spot with some whole wheat mini pita to scoop it up.

chicken pea salad

Another salad I dove right into this week was a Greek salad. I put artichoke, roasted pepper, olives, feta, carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce, all mixed up with Christie’s light Greek salad dressing. More pita and this was quite a meal!

greek salad

I have been in the mood for hearty breakfasts this week. I sautéed a potato in olive oil with Mrs. Dash, chili powder, and garlic salt to make tasty hash browns. Then I scrambled up two eggs in the same pan and melted on some cheese with a dash of salt and pepper. I felt like I was at a diner! So good!

hash browns and scrambled eggs with cheese

I also made some French toast one morning, smothered in syrup, with a banana on the side, and a small scoop of my new Greek yogurt. Great way to start a day, let me tell you.

french toast banana and greek yogurt

Stay warm and safe during the snow storm Bostonians. And for those outside the area, you are lucky because it is getting messy out there and supposed to be a foot of snow again! TGIF!



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