Food Photo Friday aka My Eats from the Week

TGIF! The past week, I lived on turkey sandwiches and garden salads, but I also had a few meals out worth sharing in this week’s eats as well. On the home front though, I need to mention one of my all time favorite Lean Cuisine dinners called Santa Fe- Style Rice & Beans. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it has some serious flavor and is a good frozen meal.

lean cuisine

Here is the pic on the package to look out for, which makes it look a lot prettier.

lean cuisine package

I also had a tasty breakfast one morning. One egg, alongside crispy bacon, and a simple tomato, basil, and balsamic vinegar salad. Really great combo of ingredients.

egg, tomato basil salad, and bacon

For takeout, the bf brought me his famous eggplant parm. It is one of the best things he makes, ever. Paper thin eggplant layered like lasagna with cheese and his homemade tomato sauce.

eggplant parm eggplant1

Last weekend, the bf and I hit up Margaritas in Medford, MA, for what else? Margaritas. And fajitas too. You get a lot of bang for your buck at this low key, chain restaurant. Black beans, rice, chicken, steak, and grilled veggies all packed on a smoking hot skillet, with all the fixings on the side, and plenty of soft tortillas. I was glad I went with the chicken and steak combo and I had just the house marg, which was salty and delic. Really hit the spot!

margarita fajitas

I have mentioned Crumbs time and time again for its giant cupcakes and cakes. But walking through the mall the other day, the bf and I noticed there is a new location right in the middle of the shops at the North Shore Mall. And what immediately caught our eye to take home and sample were the peanut butter and chocolate cake pops! In the end, we decided we would stick with the cupcakes because the frosting to cake ratio was a little bit off (too much frosting!) but still fun to try something new to us.

cake pop

We also hit up a restaurant called Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza for lunch last weekend, where they are known for their amazing wings and pizzas. So we ordered those two things. The wings come piled high over focaccia bread and are served with plenty of cooked onions. They marinate the wings in lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary and garlic and slow roast them in the coal fired oven, so they come out extremely flavorful and much different than the usual buffalo wings I am used to. For toppings on the pizza I went with artichoke, mushroom, and herb ricotta. Really big portion for a personal pizza and I had lots of leftovers to bring, home which makes me happy!

wings pizza

The bf and his fam and I all hit up Longhorn steakhouse to catch up over dinner this week as well. For the table, there was the Texas Tonion to start. It featured crispy onion petals with a dipping sauce and was basically like onion rings or the infamous Outback steakhouse onion app. I got the Bleu Ridge Salad, which was their own version of a Wedge salad but it had romaine instead of iceberg and then had tomatoes, bacon, and bleu cheese, along with red onions and bleu cheese dressing. It was a huge portion and I put a dent in it but for a starter salad, was a bit much! Then I had the Flo’s Filet with the baked potato, which was a 7 oz. filet mignon. Such a filling and tasty meal but I am not sure anyone in the group would rush back to go there anytime soon. It was good don’t get me wrong, but not totally fab.

onion wedge salad steak and potato

Anyways, hope you had a fun and food filled week as well!



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