White Chocolate Chunk-Macadamia Cookies

For my good friend’s b-day, I headed into the kitchen this week for some baking! She loves macadamia nut cookies. So I knew that was exactly what I would make her a batch of. I found this easy Betty Crocker version here and they came out really delicious.

finished product

You can just use one bowl to mix up the wet ingredients.

cookie batter

Then add in the dry ingredients and the chopped nuts and cut up white chocolate. I used 2 Lindt white chocolate bars and a whole can of Mauna Loa nuts.

lindt-lindor-white-chocolate-bar-100g-4475-p DryRoastedMacCan

When you mix everything together, you get a nice thick cookie dough ready to put into balls and put on a sheet to bake.

cookie batter 2

They came out soft, chewy yet packed with salty crunchy nuts and big, rich white chocolate chunks. I packed up a tin for the birthday girl with them, put aside a couple for my personal trainer, and a couple for the bf. And still had a couple to taste test. The recipe is definitely a keeper!

white chocolate macademia cookies



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