Food Photo Friday aka My Eats from the Week

Happy Friday friends! I have a few photos to share from my eats this week. It is sure to be a low key weekend around these parts because another snow storm is rolling in. Sigh. 25 days until the first day of spring! YEESSS. Anyways, the week has flown by because I have been busy working on my small biz for moms and babies, which I need to shamelessly plug here and tell you to check out the updated website:

Anyways, back to the food photo fun! Monday I headed down to hang with my business partner and get organized. We took a break for some pizza the bf brought along with salad and plenty of wine. I was sent home with delic molasses, oat, and walnut bread which was my breakfast for a few days!


Tuesday, the bf and I had a date night so he could tell me fun stories from his weekend away with his cousins at a ski house in NH. My bff was in town on business but she couldn’t meet up until much later in the evening. So the bf and I went to Vito’s in Boston’s North End, for apps and one round of cocktails, followed by a coffee and a shared dessert at Caffé Paradiso. We shared chicken lettuce wraps, Korean style chicken wings, and it was Taco Tuesday there, so we got half off on their traditional Baja tacos, featuring pico de gallo, cilantro, onions, and other ingredients on two corn tortillas. We asked for pork tacos, but I am still convinced what we actually got was steak! Don’t you agree by the pic? They were good either way at least 🙂
chicken lettuce wraps tacos and wings

For dessert, we shared a piece of the Chocolate Fondant cake at Paradiso, which was so rich and flavorful!
chocolate cake

Speaking of the bf’s NH trip, he brought me back soap, a stick of honey, and then Valomilk, which is like a Reese’s cup but instead filled with gooey marshmallow. Plus he brought me Mike’s Maine dilly green beans, which I had alongside a sandwich instead of pickles with my lunch one day this week.
valomilk green beans

Another dinner I had this week was a piece of Willow Tree chicken pot pie. I love the huge chunks of white meat, creamy sauce, and veggies packed into the crust. I had chicken flavored Uncle Ben’s quick rice with it as well. Easy comfort food at its finest. If you feel like a laugh, last year I made a video about it, per their request, which was featured on Examiner and the Willow Tree website.
piece of willow tree pot pie

Todays lunch was good old soup and sandwich combo. I had a simple chicken salad sandwich and then what was in the cupboard, which was light veggie and pasta filled Progresso.


Have a good night!

Question: Did YOU have any good eats this week worth a mention so far? Do tell!



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