DIY to try: make your own Edible Arrangement

Today I have a fun Valentine’s Day idea for you all! Create your own Edible Arrangement.

DIY edible arrangement

Basically you need your favorite fruits on skewers displayed in a vase or jar, and voila, you have a tasty, healthy, and edible creation. Get out your strainer, a good knife and cutting board, and a couple of cookie cutters and you are good to go!


Ingredients and list of necessities:






1-2 sizes of bamboo skewers

1-2 heart and star shapped cookie cutters (or any other shapes you prefer)

Jar, pot, or vase

*keep in mind you can totally mix and match your fruits and use more variety or less!


First off, wash your berries and grapes. Also to make things easier, remove the grapes from the stems.

wash grapesrinse berries

For the pineapple, don’t worry about cutting off the skin perfectly since we are going to be using the cookie cutters anyways! Just slice around the sides to get rid of the rough exterior and slice away.

slice skin off pineapple pineapple

Take each pineapple slice and use your cookie cutters  to make the shapes and set them aside for the skewer assembly.

pineapple cutting pineapple stars heart heart fruit

fruit cut up

Same with the cantaloupe. This too can be sliced up and shapes cut out.


Now it’s time for the fun part!  Gather all the prepared ingredients and items needed.

all set

And then start skewering! Use different combinations to jam pack each skewer with lots of fruit. You do not need to fill them up all the way, keep in mind, since the bottom half won’t show!

start putting them next to eachother

To keep them sitting straight up in the jar, use grapes and blueberries as a filler. You could use candy or you could go to a local craft store or florist to get a non edible filler instead (if you are not using a clear vase).

berries filling jar

Arrange it how you see fit and for Valentine’s Day or other holidays, you could jazz up the actual jar with ribbons around it or graphic tape or even write on it with paint pens to personalize it. But I kept it nice and simple and displayed it proudly next to my red candle and daisy for when the bf came over (don’t worry, the fake daisy got replaced with red roses from the bf! yay!).

finished edible arrangement

Then something else happened. I had so many extra hearts and stars I decided to make extra skewers! And realized they are actually a great party or dessert idea on their own, beside the edible arrangement!

fruit skewers

Then this also occured too.


Yup. The bf and I couldn’t resist melting up chocolate chips with a pat of butter (so it wouldn’t burn) and some milk to loosen it up.

chocolate melted

And we dipped to our hearts desire!

skewers and chocolate

We had lots of leftover fruit and chocolate. So I made these for him to take home and share with his family. Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate dipped heart pineapples = best idea ever!

choc strawberries

Make sure to keep all leftover fruit scraps (from the melon and pineapple) to make your own fruit salad the day after or to put in smoothies. Enjoy and happy almost V-Day!




15 thoughts on “DIY to try: make your own Edible Arrangement

    • Thanks ! it was easy to do the cantaloupe and pineapple shapes 🙂 and looked so cute ! Will def do it again ! If only you were local and i could make YOU an edible arrangement my little valentine / birthday gal !!!

  1. Hi, I just came by to look at this site. It appears really full of
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  2. Nice tutorial! The photo with the cantaloupe cut outs was very instructive. When I saw the skewers loaded with fruit I thought, ‘that needs some chocolate” and you gave me some! Thanks for linking up with the Get Inspired Weekend Blog Hop 🙂

    • Thanks!! I should make a summer one with watermelon I was thinking ! And do some of the strawberries dipped in the chocolate instead of on the side. Plus I want to for sure not do a clear vase my next go. 🙂

  3. YUM! I have always wanted to try this, but I always though I would never eat that much fruit before it went bad. But now I have two kids who could eat that much fruit in two days. Definitely on our to-do list! Love the chocolate 🙂
    Visiting from Simply Swider’s Get Inspired Weekend Blog Hop. Looking forward to getting to know your blog!

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