Time to get organized-tidy up while making money from your stuff

Want to know a good way to pass the time, when there are a couple of feet of snow on the ground? And the weather is below 20 degrees, so you are stuck indoors? Get organized! Lately I have been thinking about this, especially with all the buzz on the blogs about New Year’s resolutions. It seems as if everyone is all about getting more organized and saving money, so I have been doing a lot of that myself. If you have stuff to get rid of, might as well make money in the process, am I right? Check out five places for making money off the stuff you don’t need or want anyways!

  1. Craigslist– If you have home goods and other big ticket items; why not attempt to sell them on this free site! I already covered this idea in my 10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff on Craigslist, last year when I moved. I had great luck getting rid of an old TV, a clothes rack, artwork, throw pillows, and so much more!
  2. Tradesy – While you are digging through your drawers and clothes to de-clutter, put aside items you do not wear any more to put on this site. It’s free to sign up and sell your clothes and accessories on Tradesy and you can make lots of money on stuff you don’t wear. It’s also a fun place to shop for designer goods you might not usually be able to affford, available for less!
  3. Ebay – This is an obvious one since for years it has been a go-to place for selling handbags, jewelry, books, sports memorabilia, electronics, and whatever you have to get rid of. I made quite a bit of $ selling a signed football I won at a raffle back in the day!
  4. Pawn shops – You know those people that will give you cash for gold – at carts in malls or at flea markets? I have actually made some money getting rid of items that are not my style and were collecting dust on the bottom of my jewelry box. If you are in the Boston area, check out places like this.
  5. Consignment – Instead of selling online, research local stores that will give you money for everything from old DVD’s, comic books, or records, to designer clothing, evening gowns, and handbags. In the Boston area, I know of one spot that is worth looking into for extra cash from your closet, if you have lots of brand names you are getting rid of!

What about you…are you in organizing-mode too? Do you sell your stuff or prefer to just donate it all and not deal with it?



2 thoughts on “Time to get organized-tidy up while making money from your stuff

    • Yeah tag sales are hard work! Getting people there, pricing everything fairly, and cleaning up after! I do donate lots of clothes too ! But def. try to make an effort to make SOME money as well 🙂

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