Food Photo Friday aka My Eats From Last Week

TGIF from snowy Boston!

snow boston nemo

Just wanted to share a few food photos as of late in my usual roundup of my eats from last week.

My friend and I had a recent lunch date for pizza at one of the best spots in the neighborhood, Regina’s! So good and lots of leftovers for us both.

Reginas pizza

The bf and I had a really delic meal-in last week. Rice, kale, and he made chicken with a mushroom sauce. SO. GOOD.

chicken with mushrooms

We also got invited for a little double date in action for dinner and wine north of Boston. We ended up playing a really funny game!  If you need a new game with friends, I recommend Loaded Questions! Really entertaining!  On the menu? Shrimp cocktail and scallops wrapped in bacon to start.

scallops in bacon and shrimp cocktail

The main dish was lamb shanks with asparagus and mushrooms risotto!


And for dessert, it was our job to bring something. We had lots of errands to do so baking didn’t happen. We made a trip to Modern Pastry in Medford, MA and I was loving all the football cupcakes, for Super Bowl. We got a variety of options, which all were amazing.

modern dessert from modern pastry

Another meal in I had was the bf’s veggie soup he makes each winter. He makes his own stock and then uses kale, green beans, celery, tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini to make a chunky veggie soup. He also adds his own spice combo and a dash of tomato paste. And lucky for me, shared a ton of it with me. I have it portioned out in a few Tupperware’s to eat the next few snowy days!

kale soup

The other day, the bf finally showed me what Restaurant Depot is all about. Food for miles! Huge portions and bulk options like Costco or BJ’s. He had to stock up on supplies for his family biz so I tagged along.

restaurant depot

When we dropped off all the stuff to his dad, he made me a small turkey sub with veggies. I skipped out on the awesome pizza they offer at Imperial that day because I had already had my splurge at Regina’s recently! The sandwich hit the spot though.

imperial turkey

Stay warm and safe east coasters. And to everyone else, enjoy the better-than-we have weather and your weekend! Also, don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway if you want dining discount cards for Albany, Boston, Buffalo, Philly, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, or Syracuse. Ciao!



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