Stats in what you’re sipping for Super Bowl + M64 Michelada cocktail recipe!

Ok, let’s be honest! Super Bowl is ALL about the food and drinks. And I GUESS football, friends, and family (lol)! Hmmm and music and commercials too! Anyways, it’s a great excuse for having a Sunday Funday, without thinking about calorie counting, hangovers, or any repercussions of letting loose. But when I was informed of some stats of regular beer, wine, and cocktail favorites, I was pretty shocked. I also had the opportunity to give Miller64 a try, while learning more about calorie counting in common drink options. Learning + drinking = win, win!

6 pack
Did you know:

•16 oz Bud Light Lime-A-Rita has 440 calories?
•15 oz of Skinnygirl Sangria has 396 calories?
•24 oz of Heineken has 300 calories?

 Yea, I didn’t know either! But on the lighter side:

•24 oz Michelob Light is 268 calories
•12 oz of white wine is 240 calories
•24 oz Sam Adams Light is 238 calories
•24 oz Bud Light is 220 calories
•24 oz Corona Light is 210 calories
•24 oz of Miller Lite is 192 calories
•24 oz of Miller64 is 128 calories

The bf and I had a taste of the beer and it was crisp and refreshing. It truly is light in texture, calories, and in taste, so you don’t feel overly full from having one. The beer complimented our chicken dinner and I am sure would go great with pub grub for the Super Bowl too, but with much less guilt!

I also learned a recipe for M64 Micheladas, perfect for Sunday brunch! It’s just 97 calories and is a lighter alternative of other versions of the recipe. Check it out:

 M64 Michelada (recipe makes one 16oz beverage)


• 1½ cup Miller64 or Miller Lite, chilled
• ¼ cup light, spicy tomato juice
• ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice (save the rinds)
• Worcestershire sauce, to taste
• Hot sauce, to taste
• Garnish with freshly ground black pepper
• Kosher salt, for the rim of the glass

michelada                                                                                              *photo source*




7 thoughts on “Stats in what you’re sipping for Super Bowl + M64 Michelada cocktail recipe!

  1. Love this post! Most people (including me) never think about how many calories we are actually consuming while drinking. I have never tried a Miller 64 but that may be on my tailgating list this weekend!

  2. yes, superbowl is all about food and drinks (SuperBowl prep/ads in supermarkets now I think is second only to Thanksgiving), but superbowl is also about all those TV ads : )

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