New and notable: Folgers® Instant Single Serve Coffee

Something new came in the mail today! The most convenient way to get your cup of Joe ever: Folgers® Instant Single Serve Coffee. You know I love my single serve packets including energy drinks like Zipfizz, Lipton tea, and Crystal Light packets of lemonade! So this was a great new product for me to give a try. Especially since caffeine gives you natural energy perfect for work outs and can help curb hunger, a necessity for keeping fit.


You get 8 single-serving packets in each box, in flavors like Breakfast Blend, Classic Roast, and Black Silk.

single serve
You just add 8 ounces of hot water and then you are done- coffee central in your mug. Or wait for it to cool and add ice, milk, and sugar for the perfect iced coffee to-go or at home.


Definitely a good idea to keep stashed in your purse for when a caffeine craving strikes or how about in your desk for when someone takes the last drip of coffee from the pot and you need coffee NOW. Also make sure to check out a: New contest featuring Folgers and Gavin DeGraw!



One thought on “New and notable: Folgers® Instant Single Serve Coffee

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