Jumping on the tofu train

I am totally jumping on the tofu train…the Tofu Shirataki train, to be more specific! For years, I have read about how these noodle-look-alikes are a dieters dream. And only recently did I buy them at the grocery store, and today I finally gave them a try. And the consensus is that I am totally hooked.

tofu noodles

You just keep them in your refrigerator and then strain and rinse them. At first the smell wasn’t appealing, but once they are rinsed, the smell completely vanishes. Then you heat them up in the microwave or in a pot (which I chose to do) for just a couple of minutes.

cooking tofu angel hair

You need to make sure all the liquid is absorbed and re-drain them (if necessary) and blot them with paper towels if you still see liquid, so that the sauce you choose doesn’t get watered down. Then once they are hot and dry, you can use a fork and knife to loosen them up and cut them up to separate them a bit, followed by pouring or mixing in your favorite sauce, protein, veggies, or however you would normally eat spaghetti. I chose the angel hair and just had regular tomato sauce and parmesan cheese with it.

tofu noodles with tomato sauce

I have seen numerous recipes on Hungry-Girl using these bad boys and am glad I finally gave them a chance. On the site, she even has exact details on how to cook and eat them if you want more info along with a wide range of sauces to have with it. What makes the tofu “noodles” such a big deal is that they are only 20 calories a serving. Plus here are the stats…they’re:

  • gluten-free
  • low in carbs
  • cholesterol-free
  • sugar-free
  • dairy-free
  • vegan
  • kosher

To find out more info, check out the House-Foods website here: http://house-foods.com/tofu_shirataki_usa/

Q: Have you tried them yet? What is your favorite way to enjoy this noodle substitute?



6 thoughts on “Jumping on the tofu train

  1. i’ve been dying to try these noodles for a few years! Just never buy them. I’ve seen them being made into fettucine alfredo with a lightened up sauce – that and your version w/ red sauce sound amazing!

  2. I’m shocked that you liked this stuff- I don’t know why – but I just assumed it’d be really gross. So – good to know! But – I wonder if the effort to drain all the wetness, etc. is worth the effort in the end?

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