My eats from last week

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my eats from last week. I know within the month I shared each and every day of my Fresh Diet. But I also have a few other highlights to share.

One night the bf came by and offered to bring take out. He had a craving for the Avellino’s chicken fingers. He told me there are almost 40 flavors to choose from! We went with Sweet & Sour Spicy Teriyaki and they were really good!


chicken fingers

Him and I made it to the mall this afternoon and out to do some errands before he watches the big Bruin’s game tonight. We needed a quick lunch at the mall food court and I hit up my fave fast food spot, Chick-fil-A. I like it there so much because they have waffle fries and their tenders are good dipped in their sauces like buffalo, honey mustard, and ranch!


chik filet
We found a new to us fro-yo shop Fruit Berry and decided to share one. It is the kind where you pick all your own toppings and flavors and you pay by weight. We kept ours around 3 bucks, which wasn’t so bad! We got the regular light tart flavor and the light NY cheesecake frozen yogurt plus butterfinger, m&ms, gummy bears, sprinkles, raspberries, cherries, and then they had little jelly bead type things that were so good! They burst in your mouth when you eat them and might have been the boba bubble beads? Whatever they were, they were great!

Fruit Berry

fruit berry

fro yo

Our one and only date night from the past few weeks (since I was sick and also on the diet) was last night when we headed to try something totally different in Winthrop, MA, called Rustic Table. Since the bf knew the owner and always sees him around, he thought it might be fun to see what his restaurant is all about. It was VERY quiet in terms of guests. There was us and two other tables full.

dining room

But it was also 20 degrees out and we were outside of Boston. We had a bottle of cab-sav and calamari to start (sorry about the dark photo), which I really enjoyed since it came with a pesto cream dipping aioli instead of the typical lemons or marinara. The bf got the steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes and I went with the beef kebabs. Really well cooked meat, rice, veggies, and a light sauce around the plate. I brought home half to enjoy tonight or tomorrow since the portions were so big. The pricing is pretty reasonable too; I believe for an appetizer, two entrees, and the wine, it was $65 plus tip! The owner hooked us up with tiramisu on the house for dessert and he came and chatted with us at our table for a bit, which was great! He is really a personable guy and makes all diners feel so welcome and takes pride in each and every dish they offer.

Rustic Table

calamaristeak kebabs


Make sure to try these garlic and cheese stuffed mushrooms. I ended up having them more than once because they were so warm and easy! And light too!


One of the things I have also lived on lately was my homemade tomato soup. One of the times I had it, I enjoyed a warm bowl of it with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and it was delic. It is funny how that combo can always hit the spot. And speaking of the soup/that recipe, don’t forget to enter to win a free apron!
ham and cheese with tomato soup

Have a good night!



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