Dining at PGA Resort

I cannot believe it has been a month since my Florida trip to PGA, which I shared details on the hotel and some of what I ate outside the resort, in previous posts. But I have not posted some amazing food pictures and details about my meals on site at the resort. It truly was some of the best food I had had in a long time and made the trip totally memorable.

The absolute stand out dining experience was our visit to the Ironwood Steak & Seafood at PGA National Resort & Spa.


What a lively atmosphere it is, with holiday parties going on and plenty of action within this contemporary American restaurant, on our visit. Here is a peak at a more quiet part of the dining room.


Executive Chef Gordon Maybury even made a quick stop at our table to say hello, which is always welcome to see the talented chef behind the food we were feasting on. The menu had so many things it was hard to even choose just one item for each course and they have an extensive wine selection including their own offerings, which we went with and adored.


You know you are in for a delicious meal when the bread selection has a few items to pick from and even three different spreads! Check out those pretzel rolls…delic!


My appetizers were the iWedge, which was perfect for sharing. It featured iceberg, nueske bacon, tomatoes, Humboldt Fog, and ranch dressing. Plus I got the Lobster Ravioli! I could not resist. It featured Sauce Americane, asparagus, and yogurt. So tasty!


lobster ravioli

Another starter that was fresh and flavorful was the Swank Farms Roasted Beet Salad, that my sister’s husband ordered. A combination of heirloom tomatoes, pistachio goat cheese, and tangerine dressing.

beet salad

Next, my sister went with the fish of the day for her entree, but in my opinion, no steak restaurant visit is complete without what else! Steak. I went with the wagyu black angus steak and was pleased I did! Cooked. to. perfection.


steak steak2

Though mine didn’t need a thing, one of ways that this restaurant stands out in my eyes is that they have salts and sauces to compliment your steak if you would like! Sorry about the dim photo – no clue what happened. ha. But the options include bearnaise, chimichurri, or their own steak house blend along with the salts and pepper.

sauces and salts

For dessert, something crazy happened. We decided to have 4 desserts; as if we were not full enough. One was their warm berry bread pudding with vanilla bean anglaise. There was also a dessert that was a chocolatey. salty, and caramel type pudding concoction, a mini banana cream pie, and a huge dessert with brownie and ice cream and plenty of other sundae toppings. Everyone happily passed around the options with each one better than the next.

Bread pudding IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1510

Such a great time filled with food, wine, and plenty of conversation between the bf, the sister and her husband, the bf’s brother and his wife, and me! Plus my other sister came to say hello, just in time for dessert and wine. Needless to say we left with full bellies and big smiles.

In addition to the steakhouse, another night we got plenty of drinks at the PGA iBar and tried their bar bites menu.

ibar bar bites

We also spent plenty of time outdoors during the day that weekend. We got appetizers and snacks poolside at the Wave Bar & Grill.

miami vice wings poolside

And a different day, cocktails and even lunch at Waters of the World Café as well. Bloody Mary, chilled watermelon soup, and a fresh turkey wrap with veggie chips!

bloody mary watermelon soup turkey wrapWe had an amazing time and for the long weekend, PGA left us with so much to do. We could have stayed a week or longer! Check out their website and if you have any upcoming vacation time, you will not regret looking into a visit.



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