Guest Post: Tips for a Girl’s Night In

Once in a while, I am sure you feel the need to let your hair down and go out! But other times you might wonder whether it’ll actually be fun and worth all the effort to head out to the local bars. Whenever you feel like that, choose to have a fun night in with friends instead.

There’s plenty to recommend about staying in:

  • You’re not going to get charged too much for drinks or for entering a nightclub
  • You don’t have to pay for a taxi or transportation
  • There’s so much you can do to help pass the time if you stay in instead!

For the best girls’ night in ever, you could decide to lay out a few snacks. A platter with mini quiches, bruschetta, chips with dip, chocolates, or perhaps a fondue might work well, especially as it’s the sort of thing that encourages conversation.

This is very important! It can often be hard to choose the right wine for every night in, but whenever you are feeling indecisive, look online for guides to help make a decision. And for any non-drinkers, non-alcoholic spritzers, punch and soda are all good things to have ready, plus they taste just as good as the best wines.

No party is complete without a fun soundtrack. Power ballads are some of the best songs, as they really help to get you in the mood! According to Wikipedia, these are the best power ballads of all time. They’re all great sing-alongs which can make any night in more fun.

The most important part of a night in might include board games, charades or even Twister can cap off a memorable night with your friends. But the internet has some fantastic games that can provide hours of entertainment too. Online bingo can be great fun and can be played alone or with friends plus it’s not that expensive to play either. Check out ladbrokes for free online bingo, which is great if you want to save a few pennies on your night in.

**The post noted above for ideas on how to have a fun girls night in, has been provided as a guest blog post.



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