Suffering on Day 6? Fresh Diet update of the day!

No time to chat! Bachelor is on (insert girly squeeellll now!) Eh, hem. Sorry about that! Just a tad bit happy. Anyways, we are almost done with the diet and I wanted to share my food pics of the day. It’s day 6 of 7 and I can honestly say that I am ready to choose my own menus and make my own meals, since the food wasn’t the best today.

Breakfast was fruit salad. Again. Yawn! Like here and here. And the fruit wasn’t nearly as fresh as the other days. Check out that kiwi looking wet and soggy. The pretty flower might have made up for it? I dunno.

fruit and yogurt

For lunch, a half of a whole wheat ciabatta roll (featuring seeds: like an everything bagel) was served with a half a Thai turkey burger with bok-choy and a peanut sauce (same as the one I dipped my egg rolls in). I was border line pissed at this point lol! Why do they skimp on the toppings in the wraps and sandwiches? There was a TINY speck of wilted bok-choy…can you see it in the center there? Barely I bet. Ha. Thank goodness I could dunk away all the flavor of this sandwich with the spicy sauce.

turkey burger

For snack, two mushroom crowns were stuffed with garlic and beef and tomato sauce. Um, do you see tomato sauce? Yea. Me either. Because there was none so why does the menu say there is? Who knows. I did really like these though, even though they were pretty simple. They were better than Day 1’s pork mushrooms.

stuffed mushroom

Next up, dinner time! The menu states: Thai coconut curry chicken with bamboo shoots and broccoli bits with oregano plus broccoli mash and roasted red beets. Pros: beets! Yum! Cons: Mashed broccoli? I looked in the mirror and it was not a pretty sight on my teeth when I was done with this meal lol! And the chicken was very bland and there was no sign of flavoring when it comes to the coconut curry. Plus broccoli was my side for Day 1 and Day 3. Can you tell I like variety and not repeats/leftovers? Ha.

chicken broccoli and beets

Speaking of repeats…dessert was a muffin. Like on Day 1 and Day 4. This time it was mandarin orange but it pretty much tasted the same as the other two times.


Ok, ok. I am done being in brat-mode! I just had SUPER high intentions for the food for this diet because of the prices. We will see how tomorrow aka the LAST DAY of the diet goes. Back to the show!


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