Day 5 of the Fresh Diet

So much going on tonight! Sports lovers in Boston are celebrating New England Patriots winning with 41 against the Houston Texans (28). Fashionistas are soaking up all the action on the red carpet and now are happily watching TV to see who wins at the Golden Globes. And in a half hour, HBO’s Girls season 2 premiere is on! Woo-hoo!

But I wanted to share quickly what my eats from today were on Day 5 of the Fresh Diet, which I am doing through my voucher from Gilt City Boston. Breakfast was a carrot and mozzarella cheese quiche with cubes of cantaloupe. The quiche was crustless and packed to the brim with shredded carrots. Not as cheesy as I would have hoped but what can you do.

carrot quiche

Lunch was a cold wrap featuring grilled mahi mahi with lettuce and tomatoes rolled in a spinach wrap with Caesar dressing for dipping (like on day 2!). The tomatoes were plentiful but seriously why are they skimping on lettuce? They suggest eating it cold but I ended up warming it up. Not my favorite of the lunches especially after yesterday’s yummy salad.

mahi mahi caesar wrap

The hors d’oeuvre of the day was mini veggie egg rolls with a peanut dipping sauce.

egg rolls with peanut sauce

The chicken for dinner would be something easy and tasty to recreate another time: caramelized fennel, apple, and asiago cheese stuffed chicken breast with crunchy and hearty wild rice and cranberry pilaf along with walnuts and garlic, plus green beans.

stuffed chicken with rice and green beans

And for dessert, cherry maple oatmeal cookies! By far the best dessert I have had from the Fresh Diet yet! Filled with cherries, nice cinnamon flavor, chewy texture, and decent in size. All and all a fan. One of the blogs I follow, Joy the Baker, actually JUST did a recipe similar here that I am now totally inspired to make.


Back to being glued to the boob tube! G’night!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 of the Fresh Diet

    • Thanks! Yes- I feel like I can handle eating much smaller portions and will use my side plates instead of dinner ones ha! A few times I admit I have been hungry but having gum or brushing my teeth has helped! This delivery service is only 2 more days but once it is done I will definitely continue eating lots of fruits and veggies and smaller portions of protein. The scale has budged too so that is total motivation!!!

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