Fresh Diet: Day 4

I am waiting for the bf to get his slow butt over to my place and wanted to share another day of food from the Fresh Diet quickly. Day 4 of 7! It was pretty cool because they delivered two bags last night which included Saturday AND Sunday’s grub. Then Sunday they will bring Monday and so on. And then it will be done before I know it! Boo! I am kind of enjoying the surprise factor of them picking my meals for me and having a handy little menu and everything divided out and ready to heat up.

Breakfast was fruit salad, just like the other day, but this time with coconut ricotta.


For lunch, I was pleased with the portion size of my salad! Large spinach leaves were packed in the container with orange wedges, pieces of chicken, cubes of mango, pine nuts, and raspberry vinaigrette on the side. I ate every last bite of this bad boy.

Snack, per the usual, was just two baby bites. It was a turkey quesadilla shaped like a little cone. I think they are onto something. This would make a good appetizer to serve at parties! Little cones packed with taco seasoned turkey meat, beans, salsa, and cheese, all rolled up in triangles of tortillas and baked for easy grabbing!  They provided a green salsa too to go with it, which added tons of flavor to the bites.


Dinner featured mahi mahi, yellow squash spears that were supposedly rubbed with Cajun spices but I didn’t really catch that, and steamed broccoli. There was a small Thai ginger chili sauce on the side and a lemon slice, and both really made the meal for me. They added SO much sweetness and spice to the fish and made me very satisfied.

mahi mahi with veggies

On deck is a mini peach muffin (same size as the other night) which I am going to save until the bf is here because chances are, he will make a stop for a snack for himself on the way here and I will be jealous because it WILL NOT be healthy. Ha. So I can eat that while he enjoys his pizza or pastry or whatever floats his boat.

peach muffin

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

In case you missed it:



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