5 new food photos from Day 3 of the Fresh Diet

We are cruising along with the diet from my Gilt City voucher! Its day 3 out of 7! I think Fridays I usually would splurge on a lunch with the co-workers to nurse a hangover or go for some take out with the bf for dinner, so this meat free healthy menu was a BIG change!

Breakfast was 2 warm apricot cream cheese stuffed crepes with 2 orange slices. A nice treat!


For lunch, you will never believe what I had….yup, another wrap! Both day 1 and 2 had a wrap sandwich as well, which I don’t mind. This one had a piece of warm salmon featuring cheese and olives. Or should I say one olive. Just like how yesterday I had one cucumber slice, today I had one slice of olive? Random right? It was tasty though to have warm melted cheese on the flaky salmon.

salmon wrap

Snack featured two chilled artichoke bottoms filled with herb cheese. A good change of pace!

stuffed artichoke

For dinner, I was given a warm entrée featuring barley stuffed whole zucchini with chick peas, onions, and cheese plus cous cous and broccoli. I really like the idea of stuffing a zucchini this way but barley and chick peas both have a milder flavor so some herbs or sauce might have jazzed it up. Or meat! Or fish! Lol. I am so used to having fish, beef, or chicken at dinner this is a big adjustment for me!

stuffed zuch

I enjoyed dessert which was a white chocolate and rose cheesecake cup. Not sure where the rose came in but I really liked this pudding like treat. It was tart and reminded of the ad I literally just saw for greek yogurt with graham cracker crumbs since it too had crumbs and was creamy!


Happy Friday!



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